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    Updating page numbers (Word 2000)

    A user has about 10 pages that need updating each month. Each page has about 9 different spots that need to update page numbers. The problem is that the page numbering is now over 32,766 pages. There is no other option, they must be numbered this way. Right now each spot is manually edited, but automated would be much better. Is there a way around MS Word's page limit of 32,766 pages or any workaround? Possibly a new version of Office is the answer?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Re: Updating page numbers (Word 2000)

    Hmmm. I looked at this article regarding operating parameters and could not find anything that limits Word to a certain number of pages. There is a limit of 32,000 fields in a document. Normally, you can bookmark a field & then use a REF field where you want the same information to appear.

    Do you really have over 32,000 fields in this document? If this is a database, you'd be better off using Excel, Access, or some other application.

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