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I built two documents separately. I'll call them Doc1 and Doc2. Now I want to merge them into one. First I opened both documents; then, in Doc2, I hit CTRL + A and CTRL + C to copy everything. I then switched to the end of Doc1, inserted a section break and hit CTRL+V. Silly me, I expected the formatting to move with Doc2, but no.... The paragraph numbering is the biggest problem. What should I have checked, what should I have done, or--more importantly, perhaps--what should I have NOT done before I attempted to merge the documents?

UPDATE: Never mind! I just figgered it out, thanks in part to an earlier post (<!post=#59683,59683>#59683<!/post>) from Dreamboat. (I'll leave this post in place, however, in case someone else might benefit.) My problem: In the two documents, I had formatting (i.e., styles) that went by the same name, but were in fact different. From Dreamboat's post, I picked up on the idea of using Insert > File instead of copying and pasting. It's a more "elegant" way to the same end.