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    Word 2000: Saving in Word 95 format

    Does anyone know the answer to this one. If I have documents created in
    Word 95 based on a template that used continuous section breaks to restart
    the numbering as in a lot of legal documents. Why when I open them in Word
    2000 they are fine until I save them back to Word 95/6.0 format, where the
    file written to disk loses the fact that the numbering is suppose to restart
    at each new section. So if I open it in Word 2000 the numbering is wrong and
    when I open it in Word 95 the numbering is wrong.

    Any suggestions, help or confirmation that this is a known issue would ease
    my pain a little.

    Matt O'Brien

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    Re: Word 2000: Saving in Word 95 format

    Word's Autonumbering has lot's of problems. That is almost certainly where this one is coming from. Part of it depends on how you numbered the paragraphs.

    Word's Numbering Explained
    This goes into the incompatibilities between versions of Word.

    How to Create a Template, 2
    This has a template that has a numbering system built in that should be close to bullet-proof. It is designed, I think for conversion back to Word 2 if necessary. You can modify the numbering formats to suit you.

    Legal Numbering
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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