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    Resource Rooms in Outlook (98/2000)

    Hi, I created about 35 resources so our end users using Outlook 98 and 2000 can book rooms and equipment. I created the resources in Exchange Server 5.5. I logged into each resource set then to act as a resource and auto accept meeting requests and also set default permissions to Author. My problem is that when people book a room by going File - Open Other Users Folder - and choose the Resources calendar the can book a room for a certain time and then another user can book the room at the same time and they will be double booked. I would like to stop all double booking if possible. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

    By the way when people book the rooms by adding it as a resource to the attendee lists if the room is already booked it denies the meeting request.

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    Re: Resource Rooms in Outlook (98/2000)

    If you're talking about a true resource that can auto-accept/decline invitations, then it seems like you've got several things going on. First, OL 98 doesn't work with the resource scheduling feature. You need OL2K or later.

    The second thing is that your users are not following the right procedure to book a true resource. You don't open the calendar of the resource. You use a meeting request. In the Attendee Availability tab, you click the Invite Others button. You'll then see areas to select Required and optional attendees, and an area for resources. Resources have to be booked that way.

    This was new behavior for our users when we upgraded from Schedule+ and it was hard for them to follow. The way I solved this was to create a custom form and an auto-reply rule for each resource. The form says "Hey, dummy. You sent me an email or meeting request, but I'm not a person. If you meant to schedule a meeting, then go back and book me as a resource." (Well, maybe not quite in those exact words.)

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