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    Spontaneous active document change (Word 2000)

    I recently converted from Word 97 to Word 2000, and I've found that Word often changes the active document on its own when I open dialog box. A typical sequence of events is:

    1. I execute Show on a dialog box.

    2. VBA shows the dialog box, but the active document remains active. The dialog box peeks out from behind the edge of the active document window, or is completely hidden by it.

    3. I click the dialog box to activate it, use it, and close it. Now the active document is not the one that was active when I called Show, but some other!

    This is not some kind of bug talk in my code. The code worked flawlessly for months before I converted to Word 2000.

    What causes this to happen? Is there a known fix or workaround?

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    Re: Spontaneous active document change (Word 2000)

    I have seen a similar problem where I have previously shown and then hidden the dialog box with a different ActiveDocument.

    The only workaround I ever found for this is to always unload dialog boxes, rather than just hiding them.


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    Re: Spontaneous active document change (Word 2000)

    I know that I said I would be gone for a while, but I felt like pointing out that th esolution to te problem is in the VBA Code Snippets template at my web site.

    OK, now I really mean it, bye bye fer now!

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