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    Links within a database (97)

    Links within a database
    I have a database set up as the backend of an asp www site, filled with my reviews.
    Problem is that I would like the site and my database at home to provide certain functionality, if you read my review below, I sometimes refer to other titles I

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    Re: Links within a database (97)

    The web part using ASP to pass a particular parameter is fairly easy - you should be able to format the text as a hyperlink and jump to a different record on a web page. Simulating that kind of process in Access is a fair bit more difficult, especially in Access97. I haven't experimented with it, but you might try using a Rich Text Control that allows formatting and see what you can do with that. Another possibility would be to use a (dreaded) OLE Object control and see if that could somehow simulate what you want to do. My gut feeling is that it is possible, but will be a bit of a challenge.

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