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    Mail Merge Office (97 I think)

    I have a user who has a spreadsheet in Excel and a merge document in Word. She needs to run a query so that only specific information gets pulled from the Excel spreadsheet.

    The informatio she wishes to use for the query is a series of numbers. So far, she can merge 2002.1 through 2002.16 but once she tries to merge 2002.17 and higher (2002.18, etc.), the query feature returns a message that no data matching the query exists.

    I am at a complete loss and wonder if any one has a suggestion??? THANKS.

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    Re: Mail Merge Office (97 I think)

    No suggestions, some questions, though.

    First, which version of Word and which version of Excel could be very important to getting an answer (including any SRs or other patches).

    Second, how many records are there in the spreadsheet?

    Third, are they sorted in the spreadsheet by the same key being queried? Keep in mind that for a sort, 2002.17 will come ahead of 2002.2 or 2002.3. For this reason, it often helps to interpose a placeholder 0, making them 2002.02 and 2002.03.

    Fourth, what happens if the merge is attempted after the records indexed as 2002.1 - 2002.17 are deleted or the index number for them is changed so they don't fit the query criteria?
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