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    Odd Corruption of a file (2000 SR2)

    My wife was working on a 7 page file last night and ran into an odd situation. At least it is one I have not seen before.

    She brought home a document on a floppy to make some edits to it "after work" . She worked for about two hours and went to make the final save when she was done and got an error message to the effect that the path was incorrect! She had not made any changes to the path or where the file was stored while working. She opened it from the floppy and kept saving it there.

    The document had a number of tables in it but nothing unusual or fancy. When she got the error message Word crashed and burned. There were two temp files left on the floppy when all was said and done along with the original doc with a saved date and time that corresponded to the time of the crash.

    When we try to open the original file it crashes word right away. I renamed the temp file as a doc file and it opens but imeadiately starts changing the text to the boxes that appear when the proper font is not installed. It started in the header row and began working its way through the document and then the doc began to re-paginate itself, from 7 pages to over 300 by the time I could get it to stop.

    When I tried to change the font to Arial to see if anything would come back, the boxes began to jump from section to section of the document.

    Have any of you seen this before? Is this a new virus, Norton AV says the doc and the floppy are both clean and I update my virus signatures every few days but if its a new bug I might not have the sig for it yet.

    I would be happy to send this file to you to see if you are interested.

    My wife is editing the original file on her work computer so that here edits can finally get put in.

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    Re: Odd Corruption of a file (2000 SR2)

    HI Thom:
    The document is probably corrupt. You should NEVER, EVER work off a floppy. Copy the file to the hard drive, make your edits, then copy the changed file back to the floppy drive. Floppy drives are notoriously unreliable as compared to a hard drive. Also, you will notice a tremendous difference in the amount of time it takes to save a file while editing it on a floppy. Also, Word 2000 tables are extremely complex.

    Probably the best way to recover is what your wife is doing--starting with the unedited version at the office.

    Someone posed a problem here in the Lounge about 8 months ago or so, where pages kept repaginating because of a combination of graphics being anchored to text, but unable to fit on the same page, but I can't recall the name of the post. In any event, not everyone could duplicate the problem. For what it's worth, it doesn't sound like a virus--just a corrupt document.

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