I've noticed aberrant behaviour with hyperlinked fields within a Table Of Contents field.


I create a document with 3 levels of headings.

I create a {TOC} and all look well.

I make a trail of hyperlinks on specific phrases, phrase suchs a a heading2 styled text "Employ Multiple Assignments". The trail of hyperlinks correctly leads me from one instance of the text (see Employ Multiple Assignments) to another (the heading itself) and into the {TOC}, and back to the first reference. The trail is a circular trail of hyperlinks.

So far so good.

But then I update the {TOC} by tapping the F9 key and selecting "Update Entire Table". Word does this BUT the hyperlink trail is broken (not surprising) BUT the text within the TOC is still blue-highlighted as if it were a hyperlink.

I find this strange, because if Word is updating the entire table I expected the text contents to change, as well as the page numbers being adjusted.

It seems to me that Word changes the text in the {TOC} only when it needs to change it, for example, when a heading level is deleted or added.

When I change the text in the heading to be "EmployING Multiple Assignments" and update the table, the blue formatting disappears.

If however I delete the "p" of "employ" and type it straight back in again, leaving the heading as "Employ Multiple Assignments" and then update entire table, the bluew hyperlink formatting is left in place, but the hyperlink is still broken.

Very Odd.

I don't need a solution for this. It is posted in case anyone else puzzles over it in the future.