I read about the MS Office XP problem in a past issue of one of the "Watches". Strange thing happened to me. I upgraded to IE6 from 5.5 yesterday. (And yes, I ignored the cliche 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it!) Anyway, the identical problem with FreeCell described in Knowledge Base article Q304402 is now happening.

....Except, I am running Win98 SE, and various components of Office 2K, not Office XP. It's identical right down to the error message. The only system change from when FreeCell was working is the upgrade, via the MS upgrade site, to IE6.

The above article links to Q282599, which says the culprit is ctfmon.exe, along with a description of how to disable it. However, a Start|Find for that filenam comes up with zilch....so there is apparently something in IE6 that is causing the same problem that Office XP causes.