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    Row height in table (Word 2002)

    I'm trying to set the row height to .305 and Word will set .30 or .31...nothing in between.
    Does anyone know how to change this?

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    Re: Row height in table (Word 2002)

    Presumably you are using inch measurement units?
    This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg of what I think is the worst thing about Word, which is that inch measurements only display to two decimal places.

    For example, .625 inch is equal to 5/8 inch - a very common measurement. If you try to tell a column to be that width, it will display as .63! Inch measure commonly uses units of 1/8 or 1/16, and many of these will display inaccurately in Word.

    To make things even worse, internally Word has actually set the column to be .625 inch wide, it just displays the width for the world to see as .63. This can lead to all kinds of rounding errors and misalignments, if multiple users work in a document, and user B tries to be faithful to user A's apparent use of a .63 inch column width when user B sets column widths!

    This behavior holds true for all of the dialogs that take measurements, including page setup, paragraph format, tabs, table properties.

    So I guess in your situation, I'd say go ahead and type in .305 - .305 is what you will get, despite its displaying as .31!


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