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    Multiple relationships/Table entries (Access 2000)

    My database has various tables related in a one-to-many relationship with one main table. When i open up the main table to do entries and click on the "+" icon on the left, it comes up with a "subdatasheet" dialog for me to select which table to do entries in. As i select one and save the table after entries, the next time when i open this main table, it won't pop up with the "subdatasheet" dialog anymore, and I can't access the other various tables that are connected to this one from this one. How to I get it to go back? and if I was to create a form for the main table, how does or does it affect its relationships? Thanks. Or do you even recommend having more than one relationship with a table?

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    Re: Multiple relationships/Table entries (Access 2000)

    Subdatasheets can be tricky, and they can also affect the performance of your database negatively. A subdatasheet is created automatically (if you have them turned on for the table) if you have a saved relationship such as you described. It isn't intended to be a method for entering data in every related table, only the one you pick. When you select one once, you should see that table's subdatasheet from them on.

    You don't normally enter data directly into tables because tables don't have trappable events to allow you to control what goes in. Forms are the usualy method for controlling data entry into tables. You would base your form on the main table and have subforms for each of the related tables, linked to the main table record using the master and child link properties for the subform controls. They don't drop down the way the subdatasheet does, but you'll come closer to what you appear to be looking for with that approach.

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