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    Application Exit COntrol (2000 SR1a)

    For logging purposes I want users to exit an application only by clicking on the exit button on the main switchboard. How do I turnoff the application minimize and close buttons on the application bar at the top of the screen?

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    Re: Application Exit COntrol (2000 SR1a)

    You can turn off the cotrol box on the forms you create, but turning off the application control box is another matter. We built an application that hides the database container and all toolbars and menu bars, and in that context we can trap the OnClose event on the main form and figure out who initiated it. We then either deny the OnClose event or allow it based on who did it. The minimize case I'm not sure how to even trap. Of course any user can use the Task Manager to defeat the scheme we use, and any other that I know of. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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