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    Access Macro (2000)

    I have managed to write my very first macro to output a report in Access 2000 to a Word File. I have a few questions... is there a way to schedule the macro to run? Also, I have it outputting to a specific folder. But of course, after the macro runs each time after the first inital, I get a popup that reads "file already exists, Do you want to replace the file?" Is there a way to avoid this. Like put a condition that says to overwrite it? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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    Re: Access Macro (2000)

    A quick search of the lounge for "schedule macro" turns up this post.

    As for your question about a file existing - you can handle conditions to some extent in macros, but most people find it easier to use a simple if/then statement in a VBA module. You can use the Save As Module option to export your macro into VBA code.

    If you need any help with your code feel free to post what you have on the lounge and someone will be able to help you from there...

    Once you get your function written in a module, you can run it from a macro by using the "RunCode" macro with the function name as the argument.

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