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    USA Addresses (Office 2000 Outlook)

    Although I'm sure there are easier ways to do this, I use Outlook contacts as an address book and Word 2000 for my editing processor, and after using a startup macro to create a shell letter, open the contacts file and using the insert addresses button, pull down an addressee. The addressee as seen in the Contacts file contains the usual name, address, and city-state-zipcode. The Address that is automatically pulled down contains the additional phrase, "United States of America." I can erase such information using an additional macro, but that is cumbersome. Is there a simple way of eliminating that line from flowing over from the Contact list onto the address line itself?

    If this issue has come up before on this forum, a cite to the thread would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Re: USA Addresses (Office 2000 Outlook)

    Please post any responses on the related thread in the Word forum.

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