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    Hello All,
    I think I'm out of luck on this one, but I've gotten such great advice before I thought I'd try again. I'd like to make a TOC that will pull all the uses of a certain style in my documents. The problem is, the style I need to use is a charachter style and I can only get this to work with paragraph styles.

    I need to use a charachter style because the style will be applied to each reference to a document number and the references are intermixed with paragraphs with a different paragraph style.

    I've used the Table of Authorities feature for this in the past, but it is far from automatic and since I'd like make this a part of the standard template probably would not work.
    Any ideas appreciated!

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    Re: TOC

    You can have manually generated TOC entry fields. Look into the TC field. You should be able to write a macro that will apply these for you and put it on a button in your template.

    See for the Microsoft page on fields.

    Otherwise, the Table of Authorities is a good workaround. You could put buttons for its functions on a custom toolbar for your template.

    See legal documents.htm for more on the TOA and TOC.

    See for more on templates.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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    Re: TOC

    Another interesting feature to have a play around with, is the Mark Table of Contents Entry feature - I gather this is a leftover from older versions of Word, as this was shown to me by a couple of real Word veterans - basically this is a shortcut for inserting a TC field:

    Select the text for inclusion in the TOC, then key Shift+Alt, O (the letter o).
    A Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog will appear.
    The "C" next to Table Identifier stands for Table of Contents, and is the default.
    Then click on Mark.

    As Charles indicates, a macro to do this throughout, would be the better option. You could even have the macro search the entire document for every instance of text which has your Character style, select the text and insert the TC field, move on to the next instance of text etc. - this way the whole document could be marked with one button click.

    When generating the TOC, go into Options and check the box next to Table Entry Fields.

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