I am also using this with W95 on a 333 with 64MB RAM. I know it's all old, it's all they will give me.

I have a Visio drawing of our warehouse that is fairly complex and very detailed. It is only 63 KB in size. It was made by someone a long time ago who is no longer around and now I need to make changes to it. It isn't locked or protected but all the objects were grouped. When I tried to ungroup them, I got an error message that I didn't have enough memory, (this when it got to about 97% complete). Visio suggested that I simplify my drawing, but since I can't access any parts of it until I ungroup it, I'm not sure how to simplify it.

I rebooted clean, by holding the shift key and then tried it again. This time it ungrouped but all of the lines got "fat". I don't know how else to describe it. All of the text and lines blew up to where it just looks like a bunch of blobs. I tried changing the screen size but that didn't help. Does anybody have an idea as to how I can ungroup the objects and still be able to use them? Thanks.