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    convert (2000 sr-1)

    My company is currently going to fund contractors to provide help desk support, and one of the things they are doing is consolidating applications getting rid of extraneous versions/ programs. They will no longer support Lotus Approach and will be going with Office. I now have to convert Approach files to useable Access versions. I have been messing around and need any techniques to do this as painlessly as possible. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: convert (2000 sr-1)

    I'm afraid painless won't be in your vocabulary after you finish converting Approach files to Access. I have very limited knowledge of Approach, but I believe it is essentially a flat file system with lots of kinks and twists. Your basic challenges are two -
    <UL><LI>convert the data into relational tables - that may be fairly trivial, or it may be a bear
    <LI>create queries, reports and forms that mirror the functional capabilites of approach or add new ones - this will likely be lots of work as you will need to learn Access to understand the difference in approaches between the two products[/list]Perhaps someone with more background in Approach can suggest a more defined migration path.

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