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    Sorting a QueryDef Object

    Version: Access2000 SR-1

    Hello all.

    I was wondering if it is possible to programmatically sort a QueryDef object. That is, I have a base query with no identified sort fields. This query is used in defining a QueryDef in a module function, and depending on a parameter passed to the function, I want to be able to sort the QueryDef records by a particular field. The QueryDef later becomes part of a Recordset (DAO), so if it can be done through the Recordset, that would be acceptable as well.


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    Re: Sorting a QueryDef Object

    Hi Bruce,

    The querydef object has a SQL property that contains the query definition. You have to take that and add the ORDER BY clause. Normally a query looks like this:

    SELECT field1, field2,... FROM table1, table2, .... WHERE .... ORDER BY field1, field2,....;

    First you have to check whether there is an order by clause. Use the instr() function.
    If so, get rid of the existing order by (use left$ or mid$ functions) and get rid of the ; at the end of the SQL statement.

    Now add you new ORDER BY clause, close with ; and save the SQL in the SQL property of your querydef.

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