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    Solution for migrating to a new PC? (Windows 95.98.NT.W2K.XP)


    We heard from one of your moderators that a lot of people who are upgrading PCs might want to know about PT Pro, from Tranxition. It's a data transfer product from all Windows 9.x, NT, W2K XP versions that grabs all your personal settings, data files, templates, bookmarks, and about 10,000 other settings. It doesn't move your apps, because that's dangerous.

    It's designed for businesses, but we let end users download the product and use it on their personal machines. It's our way of letting you know we realize what a *total* hassle it is to move to a new PC! It's a fairly easy to use product, but it is not for people who have no technical knowledge. It requires a corporate network or a mini hub to work. But if that sounds OK to you, please feel free to go to, and download the tool. If you like it, tell a friend.


    Kelly Reilly

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    Re: Solution for migrating to a new PC? (Windows 95.98.NT.W2K.XP)

    That moderator would be me, and I guess I forgot to add, "no advertising." <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> However, I would like to hear from anyone who tries it because I think it could be a more reliable way to back up your configuration than the Profile Wizard or the web-based "Save My Settings" wizard. Although I have not read the manuals, it sounds as though you can park your "personality" on a server for emergency restoration, and if you do this regularly enough, you could use that to roll back to an earlier configuration. Not the original purpose of the product, but a possible lifesaver.

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