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    Mail Merge Formatting (W2K)

    I am trying to write a Mail Merge document for the local church. It is a directory of all parishioners drawn from an excel spreadsheet and printed booklet style in Word.
    I think that I have most of it worked out now but would like a better way of formatting the table of Addresses. I have used a table the size of my page and fixed the row heights and table size to prevent it breaking up the addresses at the end of the page. This works ok, but as some addresses are longer than others it wastes a lot of paper as I have had to set the row height to the longest address. Is there any way to do it by just setting 1 row of data and having it break at the end of the page in a similar way to an Access Report?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Mail Merge Formatting (W2K)

    If you uncheck "Allow rows to break across pages", Word will keep a row on a page. You can then set row height to Automatic.
    In Word 97, you do this in Table/Cell height and width. It might be in another dialog (Table properties?) in Word 2000.
    (Since I use a Dutch version of Word, I had to translate back to English, so terminology may be slightly off)

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