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    3D Support in Win 95

    Does anyone have any knowledge of Win 95's support for AGP and the like? I am considering building a new PC but want to continue running Win 95 (OSR2.5) in the meantime, well at least until Whistler is released. I will be converting the machine that I currently run Win 95 on to Linux, so I don't see any license issues.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 3D Support in Win 95

    I've built Win95 machines in the past and it does support AGP. The problem you might run into, however, is that Win95 is too old to support other circuitry on the newer motherboards. If you try to install it and also install all the Win95 patches for the motherboard but still run into problems when you try to boot it up for the first time, (e.g., corrupted registry, freezing, BSODs, etc.), you might have to go with Win98. Good luck!

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