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    Text Form Fields

    I am using a Mac and Word 98 - is there a way I can REQUIRE a text form field to be completed by a user?

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    Re: Text Form Fields

    Yes, but it will require writing some macros.

    In the field properties, you can designate a macro to be run on exit. It checks the contents of the field (and possibly validates them). If the field isn't filled in or the contents aren't valid, you display a message box to the user and return the cursor to the field.

    It is possible to have another macro that checks the contents of your field and steers users to that field if it is empty. This macro would be used as one to be run upon entry to the field.

    You could also use a UserForm or ASK fields instead of or as a supplement to your online form.

    Short tutorials on UserForms and ASK fields can be downloaded from:

    Other sample forms using form fields:
    (These are simply forms that work. At least one has an unprotected section.)

    Hope this helps.[img]/w3timages/icons/butterfly.gif[/img]
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