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    user-defined type of variable

    (Access97 VBA)
    I need to read and write external file(s) whose records are file header,batch header, detail record(s) batch trailer, file trailer all of which have different formats. So ... I set up a handful of types like ...

    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    Private Type FileHeader
    fh1234 As String * 4
    fhDest As String * 9
    fhComID As String * 10
    . . .
    end type

    with the expectation that I could say
    . . .
    Dim FH as FileHeader
    mycursor = Input(96, #1) ' Get first record
    FH = mycursor

    and have the individual fields available for manipulation.

    What I got, of course was "Type Mismatch error"

    In general, I'm looking something which can be looked at in one piece and/or by named parts.

    Any answers or suggestions as to where to look gratefully accepted.

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    Re: user-defined type of variable

    It looks like you're trying to read the first 96 characters of a text file directly from it into a custom data type, so I'm not surprised you're getting errors. Input always returns a string of the specified length, which doesn't match your data type structure.

    There are two ways of populating a custom data type: 1) explicitly set one or more of it's members in code, or 2) pass it a paramarray that matches the structure of the data type. Access has no idea of what to do with the 96-character string you're trying to stuff into that data type unless you do the work to parse the pieces out first.

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    Re: user-defined type of variable

    It seems to me from what your are describing that the variable 'mycursor' will contain a string that needs to
    be cut into pieces. The individual pieces would be assigned to the fields in the FH object.

    Copy this bit of code to a module and then run Mytest from the Immediate window:

    Sub mytest()
    Dim FH As FileHeader
    mycursor = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

    FH.fh1234 = Left$(mycursor, 4)
    FH.fhDest = Mid$(mycursor, 5, 9)
    FH.fhComID = Mid$(mycursor, 14, 10)

    Debug.Print FH.fh1234
    Debug.Print FH.fhDest
    Debug.Print FH.fhComID

    End Sub

    Worked for me in VB5.

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