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    Creating a multiselect list box (97SR2)

    I have created a hardware/software database, however I would like users to select from various business applications such as: Adobe Acrobat, Office 97, Visio, etc. For instance, a inventory manager is responsible managing 200 pc and each pc has software installed -some may have Office 97, Office 2000, or Office 2002. Well, I created a multi-select list box (unbound forms) that will allow a user to select from a list of applications. After, the user has selected the software, it is saved (That's as far as it goes). Unfortunately, I do not know the code to capture the data in the tables and/or query. Could someone help? Each workstation is identified by an (asset tag) unique 6 digit code in which an application is also associated with this unique identifier (asset tag) <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15><font face="Comic Sans MS">text</font face=comic>

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    Re: Creating a multiselect list box (97SR2)

    It all depends on how you build the structure of the database.
    A typical scenario would be a three tables desing.
    tblPC with PCID, Description, location, ....
    tblSoftware with SoftwareID, Description, ....
    tblInstalledSoft with PCID and SoftID, make the key of this table the two fields combined. This will prevent entering software two times on a one PC
    Make a form with tblPC as control source.
    On these form, make a Subform with tblInstaledSoft as recordsource.
    Make a combo box with as rowsource the tblSoftware, and bounded to the SoftwareID of the tblSoftware in the subform.
    Linke the subform to PC form with the PCID

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