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    Outlook Express lose hotlink feature

    I am using OUtlook express 5.5 under w2k server environment. Outlook express has been fine for months until last week. When there is a hyperlink on the email, usually I can left-click on that to startup IE and browse that page. Somehow I lost that ability last week. I click on that link but IE is not started. But my IE is working perfectly fine by itself.

    Any idea how to cure this symptom?

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    Frank Virginia

    Re: Outlook Express lose hotlink feature

    Try entering IE first, then click on "mail" on the bar which should load Outlook Express. Then read a message and see if a reference is active.

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    Re: Outlook Express lose hotlink feature

    If you already have IE windows open, check them. I haven't figured out the pattern, but sometimes when I click on a link it opens a new window, and other times it takes over an existing window.

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    Re: Outlook Express lose hotlink feature

    I once saw a similar problem on a Win 9x machine. It turned out to be that the association for "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol" had been wiped out. It needed to be reset to IE.


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