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    Multiple Workbooks (97 sr2)

    OK, my 65+ sheet workbook was moving so slowly that I thought I would try a new approach.

    This approach may have been a mistake unless there is an answer to my question...

    I moved each sheet into its own workbook so I now have 65 separate workbooks (only one sheet at a time is relevant). I did have a simple "Table of Contents" sheet (aka "TOC") that had hyperlinks to the other sheets and all I did to this sheet/book was modify the links to include the workbook name.

    What I had planned was to have the user open the TOC book which they could then use to call in each book as needed, then when they had finished working in that book it would simple save and close, returning the user to the still open TOC book.

    What happened was that each workbook that loaded caused that annoying [but necessary!] "This workbook has macros..." message to pop up.

    I am wondering if there is any way to put all the macros ONLY into the TOC book and somehow have them interact with other books when those are active?

    Or maybe they could be put into an XLA and all the books could be setup to use that add-in file. What are the restrictions of creating an XLA?

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    Re: Multiple Workbooks (97 sr2)

    As far as I know, there are no real restrictions to creating an add-in. Are the macros you want to run dependent on the workbook you open? That is, are the macros attached to the workbook, performing specific tasks in that workbook? Or, are they more generally performing tasks on all workbooks? Add-ins are typically quite general and it will not be easy to manage if your add-in has to do specific tasks, depending on the active workbook's name.
    Maybe you can add the macros to the TOC file first, check if everything runs as it should and then if it is still necessary make an add-in of it.

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