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Thread: Quicken Users!

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    Quicken Users!

    After 7 years, and numerous upgrades I finally got a corrupted data file. I am currently using Quicken 2000 and the qdata.qsd appears to have problems. I went through the validate and super validate process to find and repair the
    corruption, but it just creates more problems and causes the loss of virtually all my stock and mutual fund price history. I, then, restored the old files again.

    Last night I was searching Intuit's knowledge base and stumbled upon the making of yearly copies of data files.
    Anyway, I made my annual copies and validated them... some had corruptions, but most were fine. Then I decided to
    make one giant copy of all my transactions (ie. from 1992-present), validated it, and discovered no corrupt files. The qdata.qsd file shrank from 24.5MB to 7.05MB.

    There doesn't appear to be any transaction/data loss, but I keep thinking that something is missing. Everything worked
    out too well and I am a little suspicious.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Quicken Users!

    I decided to try Quicken 2001 this past weekend. First thing I noticed was that the report and graph security values do not match in all cases. Also... I checked out my Year 2000 capital gains report to discover I was a very rich man. I had made $3.85 million in gains ($411,000+ in a stock I never even traded in 2000). After checking my bank accounts looking for at least $1.5 million to cover my taxes, without any luck, I decided to go back to Quicken 2000. This way I can claim a small loss and get a refund this year! )

    Obviously, the data did not convert properly. I did report the bug to Intuit, but I hope this is fixed in 2002. For now, 2001 is going back to the store and I'll skip this upgrade.


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