FrontPage 98 is sufficient for my purposes --I use it to create standard HTML, avoiding the non-standard extensions. However, it has recently begun to drive me nuts. From time to time it will take a minute or two before it will save a page in the FrontPage Editor. During that time, I can't continue editing my page, or open another page. The only clue I ever get is that sometimes a message finally comes up telling me that the Explorer is not ready. When I click on this message, the page saves.

I suspect that the FrontPage Explorer is going out looking for something it can't find, and then finally giving up and saving anyway. Changes in my system that might bring this problem about: I have installed ZoneAlarm (but the problem didn't start as soon as I did that) and recently I backed up my system partition and restored it to a different hard drive (but under the same drive letter). Also, II have changed a few network settings now and then.

Is there a way I can solve this problem short of reinstalling Windows? I am running Windows 98.