New Windows ME, not an upgrade. This is a new work station being added to a small WORKING Windows network (2-WIN 95, 1-WIN SE). This 4th workstation is WIN ME. Prior to adding this system, all systems can see and share all resources among them.

Have added this new system, and all other workstations can see this new station and access its shared drives. This workstation can access itself and 2 (the WIN-95s) of the other 3 stations. BUT..the 4th station (WIN SE)is seen but the shared resources cannot be accessed. Get a message that resources cannot be found. All systems have same NIc (3com 3c905). Using 10/100 8 port hub. Using TCP/IP protocol only.

The other systems (WIN 95) do not have this problem. Why is it that only the ME system cannot access the resources of the 98SE system, but can access WIN95 systems, yet the WINSE system can access the WIN ME resources?

Not only do I need to know what is causing this, but I really need to know what the corrective actions are.