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    unanimate clippy? (Word 2000)

    I'll bet this has ben treated already, but I scrolled back through a few hundred posts without finding it -- I'd kinda like to keep Clippy, if he would just be still. In the older versions of Word I could drag the Clippybox down so far on the screen that I couldn't see him move, but in Word 2000 he won't stay there.

    Can I keep Clippy and have him be still?

    Judy Myers

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    Re: unanimate clippy? (Word 2000)

    I don't know of an option. The option for "move when in the way" may be causing the problem. You can use a macro to move the assistant to a particular place.

    The following macro, if placed in a global template (including will put the office assistant in a particular location and tell him to stay put. (I can't tell you that he will necessarily obey, but give it a try.)

    Because of the macro's name, it replaces the command to show or hide the assistant on the Help menu.

    <pre>Sub HelpShowHide()
    ' HelpShowHide Macro
    ' Macro written 4/2/02 by Charles Kyle Kenyon
    ' Toggles display of Office Assistant and puts in a particular location
    ' Because of name of macro, this replaces the Show/Hide Assistant command
    With Assistant
    .Visible = Not Assistant.Visible 'Toggles assistant
    ' xLeft is pixels from left edge of screen
    ' yTop is pixels from top of screen
    .Move xLeft:=837, yTop:=674
    ' .Move xLeft:=10, yTop:=10 ' use instead of previous if off screen
    .MoveWhenInTheWay = False
    End With
    End Sub

    If you make the numbers large enough, clippy will be off screen. The first set of numbers puts him in the bottom left of my screen but will probably do something different on yours.

    See Macros and VBA for info on how to use a macro.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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