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    Removing 'hidden' text from files (Word 97)

    We have some people at the organisation I work for who are concerned that when they email Word documents to people outside the organisation, that there is a chance that the file could be "decoded" to reveal editing changes. There was an incident reported here of just that happening and it embarrassed the company it occurred to. I wondered if the files that are at risk are being sent with tracked changes in them. If this is so, how can you be sure that the file you are sending is "clean". The other thing that occurred to me is that if you used the fast save option (which we do not use), then the file will contain previous edits until saved fully. Could this file then be cracked open??

    Interested if anyone has any thoughts on this issue. We use a custom written macro to mail our documents so I can use that to clean the documents if necessary.

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    Re: Removing 'hidden' text from files (Word 97)

    There have been many discussions of "metadata" on this board. You might find those to be a good source of recommendations on the subject if you don't get a lot of responses right away.

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