Very strange behavior on our new Compaq server with Windows 2000 Server: Any time I try to save or work with a Word document (from Word 97 or 2000) on a shared drive on the server, Word will lock up, and the file is corrupted. I can see a tmp file (presumedly with my document in it). I then try to delete these from the server itself, but it hangs the Explorer (I then must force it to close). Rebooting the server will eventually allow me to delete the bad files.

We have used this server for a few months with many Excel and Access documents, CSVs, txt, etc., all with no problems. It only seems to occur with Word documents, but it does it quite regularly from any workstation, in several folders. Permissions seem to be correct, and I think we did get some Word docs to work, but generally they do not. It is very strange that only one application has this problem, but it probably has something to do with the way Word writes to the disk.

Does anyone have any clue why this is happening? Thanks. I will also post this in the Word forum.

UPDATE: A user on the Word forum suggested that anti-virus software might be causing the problem. I found a tech note on the virus software vendor's web site that addressed a similar problem description. After making the recommended setting changes on the server, I no longer have the problem.