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    Between two dates


    I need to be able to create a database which I can query for work that was done between two dates. The information extracted will be used for invoicing and payroll.
    I am just now collecting the information I will need. I will use ASP to build the forms since the data has to be queried online (Internet)
    I am using Access 2000 and will upsize to SQL later. So....does anyone have any suggestions on how to build the table for this.
    Thanks for any suggestions or directions to where I can get code for this.

    Paul Luke

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    Re: Between two dates

    What I have done is not pure ASP, but FrontPage databasing. I create my queries in Access with "test" data in the criteria field to confirm that they work. Then I replace the criteria with variable names that I pass to the queries using FrontPage database functions. I recommend you start the same way, bearing in mind that your life will be simplest if you make only one call to your database (so nest your queries as deeply as needed).

    Then visit the ASP databases discussions at or another ASP site for the down and dirty. I recently started reading this board, and there are lots of helpful folks:

    Or you can "cheat" as I did with FrontPage. It runs! Fast!

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