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    HTML mail - tables/scripts/tricks

    I am still a plain text guy, mostly, but we are finding more and more use for HTML messages. For example, we output a small database report to a set of HTML tables and embed these directly in a message.

    How?! It took a while to figure out, and perhaps there's an easier way, but we create a new message, change the format to HTML, click in the body, and use the attach function. BUT, instead of just clicking the insert button, we carefully press the associated drop-down arrow and choose insert as text. If the attachment is a valid HTML document (or at least valid enough), it will embed itself into the "source" for your message.

    This trick also came in handy when creating the attached script vulnerability test message. I had created some fancier ones in VBScript, but since JavaScript is more universal, I had to throw one of those together as well. Drop the .txt before trying to embed it. I hope you all pass the test!!
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