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    Searching for Settings... (Outlook 2000/SR1)

    I'm trying to push down a variety of default settings for Outlook. I've found how to control a variety of them through registry settings, Outlook files in Application Data and through programmatic control through VBA, but I can't seem to figure out where Outlook saves the following settings:

    Tools | Options | Mail Services tab, after clicking the Offline Folder Settings button
    1. The setting for each folder/subfolder to be available offline
    2. The setting to download an offline address book
    3. The setting to synchronize forms
    4. The setting in side "Download options" for "Don't download messages larger than 50KB".

    Tools | Other tab
    5. The setting to Empty Deleted Items

    Tools | Other tab, after clicking the "Preview Pane" option
    6. Setting to mark as read in preview window and when selection changes
    7. Setting for "single key reading using space bar"

    Any guidance for where these settings might be stored or how to control these settings through VBA would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Searching for Settings... (Outlook 2000/SR1)

    I think all of these are in the profile and information service. There are dire warnings about messing with these files, you can set some of the things you mention in the Exchange default template. This gets pretty deep, pretty fast. But take a look at article Q148664 in the MS knowledge base for starters.

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