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    Install Win in different Directory

    I have Windows98 installed in C:windows. If I install Windows 98 into a different directory, such as C:Win, will it find the driver files in the original directory. If so, can I then delete the original windows directory.

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    Re: Install Win in different Directory

    Boot computer from your Windows Installation CD (or from Setup floppy comes with it) and follow the wizard. If you choose new installation, Setup will prompt you to install Windows in C:WINDOWS.000 directory. At this point, you can choose any directory: Win, Win98, Win32, whatever. Windows will prompt you for any drivers that it doesn't have. Of course, you can point it to C:WindowsInf directory, but I would strongly recommend to download the latest drivers from the Internet and put them, say, in Crivers directory (make sure to expand them - usually from one EXE file - until you can see OEMSETUP.INF among other necessary files). Put each driver in separate subdirectory.
    After installation is completed, you can safely delete old Windows directory. Do not forget to apply all security patches.

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