If I try and resend a message that a rule has copied to another folder, I get a message telling me Microsoft Outlook does not recognize me.
If I open the original copy in Sent Items, it works.
The difference appears to be in the view of the message header:
In Sent Items, it shows as
From: Leif [leif@company.com]
In the folder it has been copied to, it simply shows:
From: Leif

Is this expected behaviour? If I double-click on 'Leif' it always pops up a window showing the resolved address OK. No great problem - I just have to remember to re-send from Sent Items if I need to.

Updated to add:
I now think the 'unresolved' name occurs only when I use a rule in ExLife to make the copy, rather than Outlook's own Rules Wiz . . .