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    references (Word 2000)

    I am working on a report that has many references to tables and figures within the report. Up to now, when I delete or add a figure, I have to go into the report and manually change all the other figure/table numbers. Is there a way this can automatically be done without me having to manually do it? My figure/table numbers are usually 3-1; 3-2; 3-3; 5-1; 5-2; 5-3; etc. Thanks.

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    Re: references (Word 2000)

    If you are using fields to number the references, selecting all and pressing F9 should update them. Similarly, you can use bookmarks and REF fields to cross-reference those figure number fields throughout the document.

    Regarding the possibly complex way you are numbering the figures, there was a recent inquiry on this board about how to get the figure numbers to match the pattern PAGENUMBER - FIGUREONPAGE, so that, for example, the second figure on page 3 was numbered 3-2. That might help.

    If I've completely missed the point, please post again.

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