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    Normal (Office 2000 SR1)

    I keep getting messages asking me if I want to replace "normal". What's normal or where do I find a simplified discussion of normal and/or global templates.
    Where do I find the easiest to understand information about Macros. I want to get rid of the United States of American thing in the address book. I have the instructions. Don't know where Macros are or how to fix them.

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    Re: Normal (Office 2000 SR1)

    You can find a tremendous amount of information about templates, macros and Word in general, at
    They have FAQs, Tutorials and a Search option.

    Normal, or to be more precise, is the default template used by Word. If you start Word directly (not by opening a document), of if you click the "New" button on the standard toolbar, you see a new document based on stores all kinds of customizations you can make to Word - see the above link. When you intentionally or accidentally modify some of these, the changes will be saved to

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