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    Option buttons stay gray if in an option group (A2K)

    The option buttons in my option group stay gray when I press them, although the code I placed behind each does run. If I take the buttons out of the group, they do turn black (show in focus) when selected. The problem with leaving them out of the group is that they stay black even when another one is pressed - they don't revert back to gray.

    Does any one know why my option buttons in an option group stay gray and will not show that they are in focus?



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    Re: Option buttons stay gray if in an option group (A2K)

    The only way I can think of to duplicate your problem is to set the locked property of the option buttons to True and set the default value of the option group to Null. Then clicking on an option button will trigger the MouseDown event for that button but because the button is locked it won't accept the focus. Is it possible you've done something like that?

    You don't usually have events for the option buttons themselves. Instead, you use the events of the group that contains them. You take action based on its value, which is the data value of whichever button was clicked. Perhaps if you explain what you're trying to accomplish, someone can suggest an easier way to do it.

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