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    switch autofill (97)

    hi all
    i have a combo box that lists employees and their id numbers

    as it is now, i have the list sorted by employee with the employee as the bound column. if the user starts typing in the name, it will autofill the name from the list.

    is there any way to switch the autofill if the user starts typing in the numbers of the employee's id number? for example, typing "S" might bring up "Smith, John" or typing "4" might bring up the id number "4283" .

    thanks in advance for all help

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    Re: switch autofill (97)

    No. The only way to handle this is to have side-by-side combo boxes. The first box will have 2 columns, Employee# and EmployeeName, column 1 is bound column. The 2nd box will reverse the columns: EmployeeName and Employee#. In BOTH cases, the Employee# column is the bound column!!!
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