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    Trouble with a Subform (2002)

    The Access form I am working on includes a subform and it looks great in design view however, when I switch over to form view the subform is blank, no fields or entries are shown at all. After playing around with it for a couple HOURS I noticed that if my Link Child Fields and Master Fields are set the form is blank (if these are not linked the form is there) and also if my Data Entry property is set to Yes same thing. Why is this happening????



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    Re: Trouble with a Subform (2002)

    If there are no records to display and you have the data entry capability turned off, then the form doesn't even show up. Since you aren't getting any records when the Links are set, you probably have a problem with the names in your link fields. Try using the subform wizard to create a subform container object on your main form, and tell it you want to use your existing subform. It will prompt you with proposed field names. If it doesn't then you may not have the field you need on either the main or the sub form. Hope this helps clarify things a little bit. (I should add that I presumed that you had two tables that are related in some way - if you establish a relationship in the relationship view, much of the work will be automated for you.)

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