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    Deleting Empty Rows (Excel 2000 VBA)

    Wow--the lounge sure has changed since I was here last--great job! I know this may sound like a very lame question, but I've allowed my VBA skills to atrophy.

    The basic challenge is simple. I need to march down a single column of cells and examine their contents. If the cell is empty, I need to delete the row; othewise I need to do stuff. Consecutive rows may be empty.

    I can easily go from row to row. My problem is when I delete a row, I can't manage to select the new, active oCell to examine the new contents (if any). Very frustrating...

    I'd include my code if that would be helpful, but it sounds like it should be something one of you lizards should be able to answer in your sleep.

    Thanks so much.

    Jimmy May--Aspiring Geek

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    Re: Deleting Empty Rows (Excel 2000 VBA)

    See my answer to the same question in the Excel forum.
    Legare Coleman

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