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    Over Write or Disable (A2000)

    Is it possible to disable the escapekey.
    I am currently using this key, "keycode27" to close particular forms.
    Some times if an entry is not made, the default undo action fires and mess's up the procedure.
    I then have to use Shift+esc to close whatever form it's attached to.
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    Re: Over Write or Disable (A2000)

    My view is you are asking for trouble by trying to do this - your second post is typical of the kind of things that are likely to happen. The ESC key is both a Windows and Access key function, and assigning a different function to it doesn't fully turn off the undo function in various places. If I recall correctly, you are trying to recreate a legacy application in Access. My advice would be to do the minimal amount of restructuring of the default Access user interface that you can get by with. Otherwise as your user population changes, and new applications are created using the normal Access UI, you will have a bunch of unhappy campers. We went through an exercise like this a number of years ago, it took us 3 years to undo all the hoops we jumped through initially. The client agreed after a few months that they should have been less concerned with the keyboard interface, but undoing all the development we had done was painful.

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