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    Instability Issues

    Hi, I've got a Dell Inspiron 3800 600mhz Laptop with 128mb of RAM and a newly installed 30gb hard disk (IBM Travelstar)

    I'm experiencing some very "trying" stability issues with 2000 frequently lagging, and also causing some other issues.

    For example.

    The most recent. I was on the web, and all of a sudden, I wasn't able to pull up any more urls. I checked everything, and then resorted to re-dialing up (I'm on a dialup connection at 56k, which, by the way, generally averages only around 36k-45k, according to the tooltip down by the taskbar icon). Anyway, I tried to redial, and ended up not being able to do so, because Windows 2000 told me that it "couldn't open the port - no dial tone" I believe it was an error "57". I checked the line to see if the phone wire and everything was ok, and they were. It was just that Windows 2000 couldn't detect the dialtone. I tried to reboot, but when I went to shutdown, all that happened was that my desktop pixelated and got somewhat darker, and the hard disk occassionally did a tiny bit of writing. It DID NOT show ready responsiveness as it was supposed to have, regarding starting the shutdown process. The only way I was able to shut the silly thing down was to disconnect my power AND yank the battery, depriving it of power. When I booted up again, I was able to get in okay. I've also noticed this inability to properly shut down a couple of times before. At one time, I tried to re-install windows, but then I got to a certain point, I think where it asked me to do something regarding the partition, at one of the DOS-mode parts of the setup where it was asking me to indicate how much space to allocate to drive C, I backed out, and couldn't properly reboot because everytime I rebooted, the setup would resume again. Since I have Roxio "GoBack 3.0" installed (software to go back to a previous state of the hard disk at an earlier time), I simply did a Goback to a previous state when things were okay. Someone recommended to go into the properties for the Hard Disk, and check off "Write Cache Enabled", but when I went to where that property was, it was grayed out!! Also, I remember someone once telling me that there's some kind of a page size (I think it has to do with the memory paging or something) that I can set, have Windows 2000 perform well even with only 128mb of ram. Could someone point me in the right direction?

    Incidentally, I've got 10gb for C/Windows, and the remaining 20 (of the 30gb) for my data, allocated as D:.

    I'm really stranded. I've got to get lots of work done, and sometimes this stuff gets so grieving . . . .

    Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated.

    Steve Weber

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    Re: Instability Issues


    If you want to know how to reset the size of your pagefile:<UL><LI>Tap Win + Break - OR right-click on My Computer and select Properties<LI>Select the Advanced tab<LI>Choose Performance Options<LI>Then choose the Change option under Virtual Memory. (You will find various recommendations there.)[/list]From the setup you're describing, this may not change matters, but it does no harm to check it.

    Hope this helps.

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