I have a client with an old DOS program. It works fine under Win XP Home, but it relies on a modem to submit electronic reports. The modem works fine under all circumstances but this DOS program causes probelms, it takes 5 or 6 tries each time. I contacted the software and they say it is compatible with Win XP. The modem is on COM 4...so they said the modem has to be set to IRQ 3 for it to work. They gave me a list of recommended IRQ settings for specific COM ports. I know these already.
I want to try this but how do you change the IRQ's under Win XP????????
I can do it with ease under Win 95 and Win 98. Microsoft says you must change the P&P settings under the BIOS> I have. I still cannot change the IRQ's.

Can anyone help me with this situation or the IRQ's ? I am now so curious to see if there is a way to change the IRQ settings under WIN XP that it is all I can think about now...lol