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    Form closure (2000)

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I am looking at a database which has a main form with several tabbed subforms. Information is input, the form is refreshed, and then a calculation is made dependant on information across the subforms. It all works perfectly, but once this action has been performed, the form will not close. A "You may not perform this action at the moment" MsgBox appears. The only way to break out is via task manager. I am only beginning with VBA and don't know where to start looking. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks

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    Re: Form closure (2000)

    When you get the message, press Ctl+Break to break into code (assuming you haven't disabled that in your database). That should at least get you into the vicinity of the routine that triggered the error. Assuming there is rudimentary error handing in your routines (i.e., the kind the wizards put in, or even "On Error Resume Next"), you should be in the routine that caused the error. Then you can drag the highlight to the top of the routine and use F8 to step through it one line at a time. That way you should be able to see exactly which line it causing the error. An alternative is to put a breakpoint into that routine before you actually open the form in form view.

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