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    How to make a Tent Card (Word 97)

    <img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> Loungers

    OK so I tricked you with a cute subject, no I actually need to make some of these tent cards like the ones with your name on them when you go to a conference or a seminar or a class. I need to know if there is a template that would allow me to make a name card that I can use in an up-coming class.

    BUT the real questions is:

    How does this code change the color of the font, change the font size, and not do what I want it to do:

    <font color=red> Selection.Document.Kind = wdDocumentEmail
    </font color=red>

    What I use this is to clean some of my e-mail messages, and since the Auto-Format command does not work with a Ctrl-Y, Redo, I had to record the code.

    <img src=/S/help.gif border=0 alt=help width=23 height=15>

    Wassim <img src=/S/bagged.gif border=0 alt=bagged width=22 height=22>
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    Re: How to make a Tent Card (Word 97)

    Please see the TechNet article Q211358 for information on the tent card.

    Can't help with the code!

    SJ Miller

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