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    Internet Mail Not Registered (Outlook 2000 1a)


    No, this is not the exact same problem as the post from 7/01

    Last night I 'upgraded' from W98 to W98 Second Ediction. I use MIcrosoft Outlook, so I dumped Outlook Express. When I tried to get my email I got the error message Internet mail not registered, please re-install and try again. I went to the MS Product Support Services and found the following instrcutions to deal with this problem.;EN-US;q242777
    You are using Outlook as your mail client. When you attempt to send and receive mail, you receive the following error message:

    Internet Mail is not registered properly. Please reinstall and try again.
    Additionally, details from the Account status may list error code, 0x80040154.

    This error message may occur when either of the following are true:

    The wrong version of Inetcomm.dll is installed.

    Outlmime.dll, a critical file involved in the mail transfer process, is not registered correctly.

    To Verify the Version of Inetcomm.dll
    Operating System Version
    Microsoft Windows 95 4.72.2106.4
    Microsoft Windows 98 4.72.3155.0
    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 4.72.3155.0
    Microsoft Windows 2000 5.0.2919.6700
    If you have any other version, rename it, and reinstall Internet Explorer 4.01.
    NOTE : If you installed Internet Explorer 5.0, the specific version of Inetcomm.dll for Internet Explorer 5.0, is 5.00.2314.1300. If the version is earlier than this, rename Inetcomm.dll and install Internet Explorer 5. For more information on where to obtain Internet Explorer 5.0 see the References section of this article.
    I'm using Internet Explore 6.0. Since ther eis no version of Inetcomm.dll listed for 6.0 I checked and I have the version listed for 5.0>> 5.00.2314.1300.

    So, then I did the following:
    To Register Outlmime.dll
    Choose one of the following methods to register Outlmime.dll.
    On the Windows Setup tab, clear the Microsoft Outlook Express check box, and then click OK .
    After Outlook Express is uninstalled, repeat steps 1 through 3 to reinstall it.
    I reinstalled Outlook Express.
    After reinstalling OUtlook Express I still cannot get or send email from OUtlook or OUtlook Express. Now, the pop3 and smtp servers aren't recognized. I spent hours on the phone today with Earthlink. We tried everything they knew to get my INcoming and Outgoing servers recognized. No luck.

    So then I did the following:

    Method 2: Windows 95/98
    These steps assume that you installed Outlook in the Microsoft Office default installation path.

    To resolve this error message, follow these steps:
    Quit Outlook and any other programs that are currently running.

    On the Start menu, point to Programs , and then click MS-DOS Prompt .

    In the MS-DOS Prompt window, type (including quotation marks)
    cd "program filesmicrosoft officeoffice"
    and then press ENTER.

    In the MS-DOS Prompt window, type
    c:windowssystemregsvr32 outlmime.dll
    and then press ENTER.
    I get this far but the system never responds with DllRegisterServer in outlmime.dll succeeded.
    You receive the following message:
    DllRegisterServer in outlmime.dll succeeded.
    Click OK and then close the MS-DOS prompt window.

    I'm hoping you can help me out here.


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    Re: Internet Mail Not Registered (Outlook 2000 1a)

    We had some problems like this. What got it fixed was to uninstall Outlook. Uninstall IE (maybe it was just the upgrade, I'm not sure). Manually rename the files listed below. Reinstall IE (to get Outlook Express back). Reinstall Outlook. Apparently, some files that can get wacked do not get deleted when you delete IE or OL, nor are they overwritten upon a reinstall or repair. Go figure. The files are:

    secur32.dll, emsabp32.dll, emsmdb32.dll, emsui32.dll, emsuix32.dll, outlmime.dll. Maybe you ought to do this with inetcomm.dll too? I don't know.

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